Energy management solutions for clean environment

EnviroThere is a requirement in every field to save as much energy as possible. Technology is helping with products that can save energy in all the electrical appliances. Innovative energy management solutions provide the best use of technology and gadgets in guest rooms, residential units, commercial spaces and business units. Technological innovation in the field of gadgets is helping companies look for for a central control unit that manages, room temperature, ambience, control of light and change the power requirements according to the environment and user specification.

Products such as Evolve Al and director series makes it easy for the user to save energy and control host of functions at the touch of a button. These units act as central units and function in an appropriate manner that enhances power usage to its maximum potential.

The control unit manages the power requirement of various electrical appliances according to the guest room requirement. The touch screen display contains a simple control panel with numerous controlling options. Users can select the auto mode, which controls all the units clubbed to the unit in an efficient way. Functioning of appliances in an efficient way saves energy and has a positive effect on environment. Green technology is the need of hour and with advancement in technology, it is possible to utilize energy management solutions that only make functioning of appliances easy and effectively.