How to Maximize the Benefits of Solar


Commercial solar systems are not as common as residential areas with roof solar panels. This is particularly interesting because many commercial buildings in the area outside downtown San Diego are ideal for a solar system install. San Diego tends to be a perfect location for solar power because of the ample sunlight we enjoy all year. But even the best photovoltaic panels suffer inefficiencies if they don't get as much direct sunlight as possible. Leveraging solar power to overcome this drawback requires broader adoption of the technology.

The simple advantage of commercial buildings is that their roofs rarely or never are shaded by shadows from trees. Trees are the primary cause of shadows that inhibit residential solar panels' efficiency. So that's a big reason why commercial solar arrays are easier to install effectively. Of course, it's possible to install solar panels in a place where trees won't be a problem or just trim the trees. The other benefit is that outside of downtown areas with much taller buildings, most commercial areas the buildings are roughly the same height. This eliminates the other common cause of shadows that make panels less effective.

These two reasons that commercial buildings lend themselves particularly well to solar panel installation should provide some motivation for businesses to consider making the switch. The benefits of solar power are obvious, but companies can derive even more value than residential properties. Where homeowners only get the benefit of feeling good when they make environmentally-responsible changes, companies can use these upgrades are evidence of community involvement and their desire to protect the environment. These are good marketing strategies that can generate concrete value for companies on top of the savings they will enjoy from energy independence.

So as more people who run small businesses and companies realize that their physical store fronts are ideal for solar power, hopefully commercial solar installations in San Diego will become more common. Not only will this have a number of environmental benefits for the area due to reduced carbon emissions from the local power plant, it will also support a general push to make San Diego greener. As long as individual solar arrays remain the predominant way for people to switch to solar power, the impact of renewable energy is entirely dependent on how many buildings have them installed. So commercial solar installations are just as important as residential projects.

Commercial solar power has a number of benefits beyond what homes with solar panels enjoy. And many places of business are perfectly situated to maximize solar panels' efficiency. It's just a matter of business and building-owners recognizing that fact and making the switch.