reduce harmful impact on the Earth


In the era of climate change, we always hear about the dangers of fossil fuels, and then how “global warming is a hoax,” but make no mistake: climate change is a real and presence danger. However, there a number of ways to reduce your carbon footprint and make your own contribution to reversing climate change to change the world for the better. Here are some ways you can help the environment. Consider planting wildflowers.


This may seem irrelevant at first, but planting these flowers will give the bees more flowers to pollinate and more nectar to refine into honey. We don’t always talk about it, but bees are integral to our entire ecosystem, and they’re under threat in recent years. So, an activity as easy, simple, and fun as planting flowers is a great way to help out Mother Nature’s little helpers. Another way to help is by limiting your waste.

Trash, refuse, garbage, whatever you want to call it, waste products are a huge detriment to our planet. When we get rid of trash, it’s in one of two ways. Either we incinerate it, causing pollution, or we throw it into a landfill, where it takes too long to degrade and we use more and more space to get rid of it all. By recycling your garbage, you can keep the amount of trash being burned or discarded down, but you can also take steps to reduce the amount of trash that needs thrown away or recycled by buying fresh produce at a farmer’s market.

A simple change like foregoing plastic packaging helps immensely. Another great way to reduce your harmful impact on the Earth is limiting your use of electricity. Getting out of the house will help you cut down on electricity use and have fun while doing it. And, you’ll save money, too. What are you waiting for? Throw on an outfit from Journeys and get out there. The planet will thank you.